Sup Babygirl?


64373790b3b61f4f19b9616ed54032c2Image adapted from Pintrest

Hey Babygirl! Sup?

Let’s introduce ourselves first okay?

We’re two sisters, both who have an interest in beauty, make-up, hair and all the other bits. We’ve noticed the recent increase in blogs specifically dedicated to either beauty or fashion and decided to start one of our own. The difference? We’re not pro make up artists, fashion stylists or beauty experts. We’re just two regular girls who want to share the secrets and tips we’ve learnt.

Both of us are university students and although we love checking out the latest products and trends, our budgets don’t always agree. Don’t worry though, we got you babygirl! We like to try and test different products and trends and shop around for alternatives. You can often find us watching Youtube tutorials or researching home made products. We appreciate the real babygirls, you know, the ones who eat what they like, speak their mind and keep it real. You do you boo, we want to spread some of this love!




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