Smile babygirl



Image adapted from Lazda


Okay, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a regular coffee drinker and smoke rollies ( I know, it’s a terrible habit), which have left my teeth in not so ‘pearly white’. I’ve been wanting to invest in one of those whitening kits for a while but it’s just so expensive to order online. I’m pretty sure there are a few of you reading this that have had the same struggle, or am I the only one? Regardless, having great pearly white teeth makes those divine lipstick shades you wear just look so much more better!

I recently stumbled across this toothpaste by Nu Skin called AP 24, a whitening fluoride toothpaste which has no peroxides and is safe for daily use on both adults and children. This toothpaste is designed to brighten teeth and remove stains, exactly what  I wanted, and it is super affordable! I decided to give it a try and babygirl, this is something you need to invest it! After a few days of using it (morning and evening) I already saw a noticeable difference and I am loving it! This product is one that needs to be sitting in your bathroom, replacing your usual choice of toothpaste. It has a cool minty flavour to it and lasts much longer than your regular supermarket toothpaste.

We think this is a great alternative to any of those expensive teeth whitening kits or trips to the dentist, plus it contains no harmful or harsh ingredients. We say this one is the real MVP.

If you’re keen to try it out, holla by dropping us an email and we will forward you all the deets! Smile babygirl, we got you 😉






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