Environ Original Range #RebornBeautifulSA



It looks like Charles is just as keen as we are about this!

Hey Babygirls! We have some really exciting news to share! Are you ready for it?


One of our very own writers has joined  forces Beauty Bulletin and Environ Skin  Care to review the Environ Original Range exclusively for two months. Yes, you read right. That means you get first hand feedback on the products and an honest review!


The Environ Original Range products contain a combination of vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants, all of which your skin needs to maintain a healthy and radiant glow. Vitamin A is the key ingredient in all their products and must be replaced daily for the skin to appear healthier and more resilient. Numerous studies(UK, Belgium, Switzerland and USA) have also shown that vitamin A is essential not just for skin health, but for the prevention of skin cancer and promotion of photo protection too. If you don’t already know, vitamin A helps with the following:

  • It promotes your skins natural moisturizing factors: The promotion of a healthy barrier function for your skin which leaves your skin looking both hydrated and refreshed.
  • It promotes collagen and elastin: Both  healthy collagen and elastin synthesis is encouraged for a firmer looking skin.
  • It promotes a healthy dermis and epidermis: Vitamin A helps promote healthier looking skin as it is essential for all layers of the skin.
  • It helps improve problematic skin conditions: Vitamin A normalizes the sebaceous gland activity, which leaves the skin more balanced.
  • It helps improve pigmentation: Vitamin A helps to stabilize pigmentation distribution which leaves the skin more toned in appearance.
  • It helps support skin immunity: The ability to support your skins immune function is done by potentiating the Langerhans cells which assists in maintaining healthier  looking skin.
  • It is known as the skin normalizing vitamin: This forms the basis of normal, healthy and well functioning skin.

Environ has created the Vitamin Step-up System to help your skin become gradually more comfortable with increased levels of vitamin A and other ingredients. This means you start off with low dosages of vitamin A (Level 1) before progressing to the next level.

Okay, so here is the fun part. For two months one our writers will be using the Environ Original Range and documenting it both daily and week by week. Each week a new post will go live to introduce you to each product being used. To help make sure you stay updated, we have included a break day per week of each post:

  • Week 1: Environ Original Range Introduction
  • Week 2: Product: Environ Level 1 Moisturizer
  • Week 3: Product: Environ Firming Eye Gel
  • Week 4: Surprise post πŸ˜‰
  • Week 5: Product: Environ Pre-Cleanser and Foaming Gel Cleanser
  • Week 6: Product: Environ Balancing Masque
  • Week 7: Product: Environ Revitalising Toner
  • Week 8: Final Environ Original Range Review

We surely hope you’ll be following us on this two month Environ Skin Care journey to put to test if  skin can be #RebornBeautiful.


You can follow the journey online by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For more product information relating to Environ Skin Care, feel free to click on the link below:



4 thoughts on “Environ Original Range #RebornBeautifulSA

    1. Hi Mercy.

      Below is the contact info of the Environ Skincare distributer in Botswana. The distributer will be able to advise you on a salon close to you, where you can get advice and buy products.

      Beauty Options – Olya Tout
      Gaborone, Botswana
      Email – olyatout@gmail.com
      Tel – (Office) +267 3184 893
      ( Home) +267 3167 171
      Fax – +267 3184 893


    1. Hi Mercy

      Please see the reply to your comment above with the details of the distributor in Botswana. They will be able to assist you with your skincare problem and advise which Environ products are best suited for your skin.

      I am not a skincare therapist,but do love the way the Environ Original Range has helped my skin. Although I don’t suffer from acne or black spots,I do get break outs and my skin around the cheek and nose area if often red.

      Since using this range the break outs and redness has subsided drastically πŸ™‚



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