Final Review: Environ Original Skincare Journey



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The two month skincare journey with Environ Original has come to an end and to wrap things up, we give our final thoughts on the Original Range and the last eight weeks of using the products exclusively. 

If you’ve been following from the start of my skincare journey with Environ Original you might have remembered I had mentioned I do not have the greatest skin. I’ve never had clear skin unfortunately and have a hormonal imbalance which leads to my skin being great one day and terrible the next. Prior to using the Environ Original Range I had an assortment of skincare products, none of which gave me the results Environ has.

Using the products exclusively for two months straight every morning and evening was a bit of challenge at first, as it required me to take time out to do my skincare routine in the morning -even when I’m running late- and in the evenings when I’m usually exhausted from the day. I continued to stick to my morning routine which consisted of the Foaming Gel Cleanser (applied with my Clarisonic Sonic Cleanser machine), followed by the Revitalising Toner, Firming Eye Gel and Debut Moisturizer. The evening routine was the same, however the Pre Cleanser was applied before the Gen Cleanser and once a week I would use the Balancing Masque as either a micro exfoliant -by mixing it with the Pre Cleanser -or as a masque, by applying it over the Debut Moisturizer.

Within one week of using the Environ Original Range I had friends and family members start to compliment me on my radiant skin. One morning on the way to gym with my sister, she asked if I was wearing highlighter on my face because my skin looked like it was glowing. Yes, highlighter! Let me just add, I had no make up on.

I started feeling more comfortable with my skin towards the second month and went from wearing make up every day to only wearing make up on weekends when out. I could also tell the clear difference in my skin when applying make up as my application was smoother and gave me a more flawless final look. My skin feels soft and well nourished, with the redness around my cheeks not as prominent.

I can honestly say this is one skincare range every female should invest in. Most skincare ranges are standard and you’ll end up using the same products from the range for months or years. The Environ Original Range is designed in such a way that you slowly and gently increase the dosage of vitamin A you’re applying to your skin, hence the “Step Up System”.

What I love is that these products have lasted me the two months with some to spare for the next week or two. I’ve tossed out all other skincare products and made room for my Environ Original Range as it has given me such amazing results after only two months, I look forward to continuing and see greater results. I had started on the Level 1 Debut Moisturizer which is coming to an end. When I pay a visit to the Environ Skincare Institute to replace the products I’ve used up, I will be moving on to the Level 2 Moisturizer. Eventually once I have reached the highest level, I can then start incorporating other Environ products into my skincare routine to target specific skin areas and problems which I would like to focus on.

Although my skincare journey with the Environ Original Range has technically ended, I will continue to share my skincare journey with you as I progress into it.

I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have. I can confidently say that my skin has been #RebornBeautiful with Environ.

P.S Look out for the post dedicated to my visit to the Environ Institute. I had the most amazing experience and share all the details you need to know 😉


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