Hey Babe, it’s a GIVEAWAY!



We’ve been hinting that a giveaway was in the works, and well, here it is! Hey Babygirls first GIVEAWAY to celebrate reaching 100 followers – which we are completely over the moon about.

We’ve tried out a few products from one of our favourite brands recently- which we loved and decided to show some love and share them with YOU!

Okay, are you ready for all the details?IMG_3231cover 2


The giveaway consists of a range of Elizabeth Arden products. The prize includes:

  •  Elizabeth Arden Intervene SPF 15 foundation in Soft Wheat/Soft Toast
  •  Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Sponge-on Cream in Chestnut 57 (we love using this for contouring – DUH!)
  • Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Bare Perfection SPF 8 foundation in Hot Chocolate/Hot Fudge/Burnt Amber/Cocoa/Warm Mahogany (also great for contouring if you’re fair skinned)
  • Elizabeth Arden nail polish in Sailor Girl
  • Elizabeth Arden Prevage- Clinical lash and brow enhancing serum

Want to enter? Its simple. All you need to do is make sure you’re following Hey Babygirl on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Tag 2 friends in our original giveaway post on any of the above mentioned social media platforms. Use the #HeeyBabyGiirl and voila! Bobs your Uncle 😉

Please note only one entry is allowed per person. You may repost the original giveaway post once for an additional entry 😉

Entries will open 06 June 2017 at 5pm and close 20 June 2017 at 5pm. All entrants must reside within South Africa. The winner will be announced 22 June 2017 at 10am. Once a winner is selected at random, the decision is final. The winner will be contacted directly via the social media platform he/she entered via. In the event where we are unable to contact the winner, a new winner will be selected.

Goodluck babes!


Your vaginal health is important too!


image2 (3)


Hey babygirls!


Okay, so we know this is a topic not everyone is comfortable with talking about and most females don’t seem to know much on how to maintain a healthy vagina. So, go find somewhere quiet where you can read this  post and allow me to enlighten you.

Before I jump into it,let me start by letting you know I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Biotechnology and for my Honours research product I focused on the oral (mouth) and vaginal microbiome of pregnant and non-pregnant females and how it changes with pregnancy. Okay wait, hold up- you’re probably wondering what on earth is a microbiome?- A microbiome is the community of microorganisms which are found in a particular environment, such as the vagina.

Now before you freak out, it is perfectly normal to have a whole bunch of microorganisms in your vaginal area. In fact, there are a large number of specific organisms which you need in your vaginal microbiome in order to maintain a healthy microbiome with the correct pH level, specifically micoroganisms which belong to the Lactobacillus family. Many of the natural habitants of the vaginal microbiome not only assist in maintaining a healthy vaginal environment, they fight off any other unwanted microorganisms which could cause you vaginal problems.

Lactobacillus produces lactic acid which reduces the pH level of your vaginal microbiome and thereby restricting a range of unwanted microorganisms from invading your vaginal microbiome.

In order to ensure you maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome,it is important to ensure you’re cleaning your vaginal area correctly. The mistake most women make is “over washing” the vaginal area with soap. Now although many women do it and don’t always seem to have any issues down there, we tend to think this is okay. However research shows that the ingredients used to produce a wide range of soaps (some, not all) can affect the pH level of the vaginal microbiome. I’m hoping with your last trip to Clicks or Dischem you noticed the wide range of feminine hygiene washes in the female care aisle.

There is now a range of great feminine hygiene washes which are easily available at Clicks, Dischem and many pharmacies. All these washes consists of ingredients which aim to gently clean the vaginal area, whilst maintaining the pH level of your vaginal microbiome.

I first started using Lactacyd (pictured above on the left), which is a yummy smelling feminine hygiene wash containing milk extracts. Lactacyd has been specially formulated to protect the fragile natural balance of the vulvovaginal flora. Contrary to usual body wash soaps, Lactacyd contains natural and mild active ingredients which are extracted from milk. This gives it an acidic pH, which assists in maintaining the vaginal pH balance. The pink bottle is the original bottle,but you may come across a green/blue bottle which is the “Active” version and has a more fruity scent. Once my bottle of Lactacyd was nearly finished, I decided to try the Lilets feminine wash. However, I found that it didn’t work for me and moved back to the Lactacyd, as it’s gentle enough.

Recently I noticed another brand by Nature Fresh called Intimate Cleanser (pictured above on the left). This wash contains tea tree, probiotics and herbal extracts including rooibos, lavender, urtica, calendula, witch hazel and rosemary. It also contains 15 microbial strains (www.saem.co.za) which include lactic acid and phototrophic bacteria as well as beneficial yeasts (do not cause candidiasis). The Nature Fresh Intimate Cleanser has a pH balance  of 3.5 to facilitate intimate health and comfort and is suitable for females of all ages. It can be used in the shower or as bubble bath, and is even gentle enough for babies. The wash contains no perfume, alcohol, chemicals or parabens. There is another variation of the wash, which is a purple bottle. The only difference is that it is gently scented with lavender.

Although the Nature Fresh Intimate Cleanser doesn’t have a yummy scent like the Lactacyd wash, it’s my preferred choice of feminine wash and keeps the vaginal area healthy.

We hope all your babygirls have found this post helpful, please feel free to ask us any questions 🙂

Final Review: Environ Original Skincare Journey



image3 (1)

The two month skincare journey with Environ Original has come to an end and to wrap things up, we give our final thoughts on the Original Range and the last eight weeks of using the products exclusively. 

If you’ve been following from the start of my skincare journey with Environ Original you might have remembered I had mentioned I do not have the greatest skin. I’ve never had clear skin unfortunately and have a hormonal imbalance which leads to my skin being great one day and terrible the next. Prior to using the Environ Original Range I had an assortment of skincare products, none of which gave me the results Environ has.

Using the products exclusively for two months straight every morning and evening was a bit of challenge at first, as it required me to take time out to do my skincare routine in the morning -even when I’m running late- and in the evenings when I’m usually exhausted from the day. I continued to stick to my morning routine which consisted of the Foaming Gel Cleanser (applied with my Clarisonic Sonic Cleanser machine), followed by the Revitalising Toner, Firming Eye Gel and Debut Moisturizer. The evening routine was the same, however the Pre Cleanser was applied before the Gen Cleanser and once a week I would use the Balancing Masque as either a micro exfoliant -by mixing it with the Pre Cleanser -or as a masque, by applying it over the Debut Moisturizer.

Within one week of using the Environ Original Range I had friends and family members start to compliment me on my radiant skin. One morning on the way to gym with my sister, she asked if I was wearing highlighter on my face because my skin looked like it was glowing. Yes, highlighter! Let me just add, I had no make up on.

I started feeling more comfortable with my skin towards the second month and went from wearing make up every day to only wearing make up on weekends when out. I could also tell the clear difference in my skin when applying make up as my application was smoother and gave me a more flawless final look. My skin feels soft and well nourished, with the redness around my cheeks not as prominent.

I can honestly say this is one skincare range every female should invest in. Most skincare ranges are standard and you’ll end up using the same products from the range for months or years. The Environ Original Range is designed in such a way that you slowly and gently increase the dosage of vitamin A you’re applying to your skin, hence the “Step Up System”.

What I love is that these products have lasted me the two months with some to spare for the next week or two. I’ve tossed out all other skincare products and made room for my Environ Original Range as it has given me such amazing results after only two months, I look forward to continuing and see greater results. I had started on the Level 1 Debut Moisturizer which is coming to an end. When I pay a visit to the Environ Skincare Institute to replace the products I’ve used up, I will be moving on to the Level 2 Moisturizer. Eventually once I have reached the highest level, I can then start incorporating other Environ products into my skincare routine to target specific skin areas and problems which I would like to focus on.

Although my skincare journey with the Environ Original Range has technically ended, I will continue to share my skincare journey with you as I progress into it.

I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have. I can confidently say that my skin has been #RebornBeautiful with Environ.

P.S Look out for the post dedicated to my visit to the Environ Institute. I had the most amazing experience and share all the details you need to know 😉

Environ Original: Revitalising Toner



Image adapted from Concept Skin
Today marks the start of week 7 of the Environ skincare journey, and as per each week, this second last week is dedicated to the last but not least product in the Environ Original Range I have been using: The Environ Original Range Revitalising Toner.

I know many females whom do not use a toner as some tones tend to dry out the skin and strip it of its natural oils. The Environ Original Revtalising Toner does not do that.

It is a mild fruit acid toner which has astringent properties that assist in revatlising the skin and refining skin texture. The toner also helps to remove residual make-up and cleanser, while gently encouraging exfoliation of the skin. While doing all this for your skin, the Environ Original Toner also restores your skins pH balance and enhances skin radiance.

I’ve had some hits and misses with many different toners, and this certainly a hit! Even after pre-cleansing and cleansing with the Environ Original Range products, I still find some residual make-up on my cotton pad when gently wiping my face with the toner. This means if I do not tone, even though my skin feels and appears clean and make-p free after cleansing, there is still residual make-up which I would be going to bed with.

I hope that thus far you babes have found each weeks product update helpful in some way. Please feel free to pop us a mail or leave a comment below should you have any questions or general comments.

Next week I’ll do a final overall view of my two month journey with Environ Skincare. But first…don’t forget you only have until the end of April to get your hands on the Environ Original Daily Essential Discovery Set. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss out!


Environ Original: Balancing Masque




Let me just start off by telling you that I have never used a masque on my face prior to starting the Environ Original Range, mostly because I’ve never really seen the purpose of it. I have done a few peel off and face sheet masks, but that’s only once in a blue moon.

The Environ Original Balancing Masque is a little slice of heaven! It is such a great product because it is multi-functional- yes that’s right, multi-function- it an be used as a micro-exfoliant AND a hydrating masque. I know, it’s amazing! The Balancing Masque gently polishes your skin, helps unclog pores and removes excess surface oils (this is great for those who have oily skin, as it removes that excess surface oil), whilst simultaneously hydrating your skin which leaves it feeling smoother and softer, with a natural healthy looking glow.

Since starting my skincare journey with Environ, I use the Balancing Masque once a week as  masque over my Debut Moisturizer before going to bed and twice a week as an micro-exfoliater, which I apply on top of my Pre-Cleanser oil. Either way, my skin always ends up feeling even smoother than before!


It’s now week six of my skincare journey with Environ Original and I can honestly say this range has exceed all expectations I had previously. Like I had mentioned in my very first post, skincare is so important to me because I have never has clear, flawless skin and I love wearing make up so healthy, naturally radiant skin is not always easy to achieve and maintain.

I have noticed a huge change in my skin. Although I still get the occasional break-out (Before my menstrual cycle or when stressed- my first break out only happened last week!) my skin feels so well nourished and hydrated. After completing my morning and evening routine, my skin has this beautiful natural glow which gives me so much more confidence. Like mentioned in earlier posts, I now wear less make up (as I don’t need to cover up any blemishes, mark or pigmentation) and often leave the house without any make u. Yeah! Two more weeks to go,but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say my skin has been #RebornBeautifulSA.





Environ Original: Pre Cleanser and Foaming Gel Cleanser


image1 (1).JPG


Hey loves!


It’s that time again, our weekly Environ Original product post. This week’s post is dedicated to the Environ Original Pre Cleanser and Foaming Gel Cleanser. So let’s jump right in, shall we?


image2 (1)


I’m pretty sure most of you don’t really bother with a pre cleanser, when it comes to your skincare routine. Personally, I’ve never really thought of a pre cleanser to be of much importance and although I have used pre cleansing products before, I’ve never been entirely happy and always felt like I had wasted my hard earned money on a product that doesn’t seem to do much.

BUT, this pre cleanser is life changing! I promise. Especially if you’re a make-up junkie like I am and love wearing a full face of make-up. The Environ Original pre cleanser contains mineral oil which makes it great for dissolving excess oil, impurities and removing make-up (especially those waterproof eyeliners and mascaras). While removing all that unwanted product and dirt from your face, it also helps decongest clogged pores and hydrate the skin. It immediately leaves your skin feeling softer and well nourished, which is great especially after a day of wearing a face full of make-up.

After applying the pre cleanser and rinsing your face with water, you can then move on to applying the foaming gel cleanser.




I have tried many different cleansers since puberty, but after finding out that my skin texture requires the use of a gel  cleanser, I have since stopped using other cleansers such as those that are clay based.

The Environ Original foaming gel cleanser is a milk, gentle face wash that removes make-up, excess  oils (including the pre cleanser oil) and other impurities from your skin. This cleanser leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed without stripping your skin from its natural oils.

Prior to using the Environ Original foaming gel cleanser, I had used other gel cleansers which left my skin looking dry and dehydrated. Since using this one, my skin continues to feel hydrated and radiant. Yeah!

P.S Don’t forget to check out the Environ Discovery Set post, the promotion is only valid for a limited time! Get yours now #RebornBeautifulSA

SURPRISE! Environ Original Daily Essentials Discovery Set







We have great news for all you babygirls who have been asking about the Environ Original Range. As of today, 5th April 2017, Environ is running a promotion. The Original Daily Essentials Discovery Set is now available to all of you at an affordable price of only R695!

What does this mean for you? First of all, for all those students (like myself) and babes who cringe everytime you spend a few hundreds on skincare products, you can finally buy yourself the Environ Original range. It is a Discovery Set, which means it is a 30 day supply. This is perfect for all the newbies who want to try out the Environ Original Range, but don’t want to spend money on something you’re not sure will work for your skin.

The Original Daily Essentials Discovery Set contains a 30 days supply of the following 5 products:

  • Balancing Masque
  • Foaming Gel Cleanser
  • Revitalising Toner
  • Firming Eye Gel
  • Debut Moisturiser

PLUS each set contains a BONUS GIFT VOUCHER which qualifies you to redeem 20% off the purchase of a full size Debut or Moisturising Gel (our new favourite moisturiser!).

How amazing is this? This promotional will only be available from the 5th until 30th of April 2017 and stock is limited. So you better hurry babygirls and get your hands on this before stock runs out!